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Armour is located in Douglas County along US Highway 281 just south of SD Highway 44 in south-central South Dakota.

Armour Hosts Fall Hunt Test
for the American Pointing
Labrador Association

We had the extreme good fortune to host members of the American Pointing Labrador Association for a fall hunt test September 28-29, 2013. A big thank you to Scott Olson and Brad Lhotak for organizing the event and bringing it to Armour. Scott is a familiar face around Armour since he works with NorthWestern in his day job. Under his work shirt, he must wear the uniform of ultimate outdoorsman, dog-lover, hunter and champion of pointing labs because he brought a heck of a nice event to our town. Brad is a Wagner native who recently returned to that area. Thank you to all the owners and handlers who brought dogs to town and participated in the events held at Lake Alcazar; CRP land owned by David and Cindy Nase; Marv Mills’ preserve located at his lodge, the Mills’ Pheasant Hunt; and the pasture ground at the location of the former Hanskutt elevator, which is owned by Mark VanDerWerff. It was nice to meet all the participants and we appreciate that you shared your sport with us and were so friendly and eager to share information about what happens during a hunt test.

For those of you who are not familiar with Pointing Labradors, they are gun dogs that point at upland game birds. They have all the traits of a Labrador Retriever such as a keen nose, friendly disposition and trainability, but they are a smaller dog. According to the Rocky Mountain Pointing Labrador Club, “The Pointing Lab combines all of the best qualities of the Labrador Retriever as a great family companion, superb hunter and retriever on land or water with the added advantages of a pointer.  The Pointing Lab will find upland game and establish point  – holding the game until its handler can reach the area and flush the game.”

Scott and Brad put in a lot of work to make the event a reality. We sincerely hope they do it again next year. If you would like more information on Pointing Labradors, please visit the website of the American Pointing Labrador Association.

In addition to the landowners who provided pheasant habitat for the test, a great group of Armour-area residents helped out. In particular, the members of the local 4-H shooting sports club (both the kids and their parents) did an excellent job helping out. What a thrill to see them working with all of our out-of-state guests.

— Susan Hoffmann-Lout, mayor of Armour